The right way to wash your car


In proper way of washing your car, may result on lot of damages to your paint. If you take a moment to look at a group of cars under direct sunlight, you will most likely notice that many of the cars have light scratches all over them. These microscopic scratches seem to radiate outward from a central light source like the reflection of the sun. Many of the swirl marks are the result of improper washing and drying techniques. They are caused when grit is abraded against the paint's surface. 


In order to guarantee a swirl-free finish, we highly recommend using the Two-Bucket Washing Method . As the name implies, you use two separate buckets to wash your car. One bucket holds the soapy car wash solution with pH balance soap and the other holds clean, clear rinse water so you can rinse your mitt after each pass over your car. This keeps those dirt particles you just picked up on the surface from going back into the clean car wash solution and being picked up again by the wash mitt. 


On each bucket, you should use a grit guard Insert. Is a round plastic insert grate that sits on the bottom of your bucket. It is raised above the bottom of the bucket by four lateral fins, allowing dirt from your wash mitt drops to the bottom of the bucket, ensuring that your wash mitt doesn’t pick up the dirt you just washed off of the car. 


When drying your car, it's recommended to use a micro fiber towel. Don't use pressure on the drying process, the less you touch the paint the better. It's recommended to use an air blower to dry your car. 

What is the difference between a paint correction and paint restoration?

Paint correction is the process of restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of a vehicle, mostly through the elimination of surface imperfections like: oxidize, or haze the surface by reflecting light off in various directions. These imperfections include things like swirl marks & fine scratches, bird dropping & acid rain and holograms.


Paint restoration is the process of removal of difficult damages like: deep scratches, scrapes, swirl marks, oxidation, faded or dried clear coat. The restoration process take between 5 to 6 steps to restore the clear coat. This is a time consuming process that could last between 3 to 5 days. The goal of the paint restoration, is to take your vehicle to the closets look of the first day you acquire your vehicle. 

Frequently Questions

Do I have to wash my car, if I apply ceramic coating to my car?

The answer is YES. The ceramic coating is an extra layer of protection to your clear coat. In order to maintain your ceramic coating, you will need to wash your car minimum every two weeks with a pH balance soap. 


Do I need to decontaminate the car paint before applying a ceramic coating?

Yes. Decontamination process of the paint is the foundation for a shine look of your paint. Everything that is not removed during the decontamination or paint correction process, will be seal with the ceramic coat.